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For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. Mark 4:22. New International Version (©1984)

I Simon Brown sent an email to the monastery at Mount Nebo asking PLEASE DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS STONE CAME FROM? and DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD IT IS AND WHY IS IT THERE? 2 days later I received an email from them saying it was found in a old village and was used as a fortified door for a monastery. But here was the exciting bit. They did not know how it got there or why it was made in the first place. Here was their email

Sent: Mon, Jan 10, 2011 9:44 am
Subject: Re: Mount nebo. large rolling stone.

Dear Sir,
The stone was a rolling door (!)
found near the Mount Nebo and put there to protect and show it.

Fr. Carmelo Pappalardo
Francisca Archaeological Institute on Mount Nebo

I was so confident this was the stone to the tomb that I sent emails to the Garden tomb in Jerusalem for the attention of the new manger Richard Merion. As you would expect I received no reply. I called the garden tomb staff by phone and asked would they please ask Richard to call me in the UK. To my surprise he called me. I told him who I was and that I was very familiar with the history of the garden tomb, as I had in the past done much research and made a film of it. I decided to pop the big question which I didn't think he would believe. "Richard, if I told you I have discovered the missing rolling stone to the garden tomb would you believe me?" He said at this stage he wouldn't say, but he would be willing to hear my case and would I email him with the updates? Perhaps I could meet him in London to present the evidence. I was very pleased with his cooperation and told him I would gather all the facts together and then call him. After some weeks I emailed Richard again, telling him that I am going to make a trip to take measurements of both the stone and the garden tomb. Getting no reply to my emails I spoke to Richard for the second time. He seemed reluctant to co-operate and told me he had sent me an email, which I never received. I asked him to resend it, but It still did not come. I then received an email from Mr Victor Jack at the Garden Tomb Association in London. He said he was not really bothered about whether the stone is found or not, and that similar claims had been made by Ron Wyatt, which proved to them not to be true. However he said that Richard Merion would hear my case.

Here below you can read all the emails to and from, Mr Richard Merion Director, and Victor Jack Chairman of the Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association.

Sent: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 10:42 am
Subject: Re: Subject: URGENT For the attention of Mr TV Jack.

Dear Mr Brown,

Thank you for your email. I have been involved with the Garden Tomb for over 20 years and during that time we have had a number of claims by other individuals to have found the Rolling Stone and even the ark of the Covenant under Skull Hill. None of these have been found to be true.

At the moment I will leave our very efficient Director, Richard Meryon, to correspond with you, as he has asked for further evidence to substantiate your claim. I couldn’t ask our Garden Tomb Council to meet with you until further confirmation of your claim is received.

We have always taken the view that the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus is our prime focus and the reason for the existence of our ministry in Jerusalem. Skull Hill, the empty tomb, the cistern and the wine press are all powerful visual aids that enhance that ministry but we have never claimed that our site is definitely the place where Jesus died and rose again, even though some think it is.

Richard will keep me informed.

Yours sincerley, in our risen Lord, Victor Jack.

From: Simon Brown []
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 12:43 PM
To: mail;
Subject: For the attention of Mr Richard Merion

The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Mr Richard Merion with reference to my previous emails and my telephone conversations with you.

As I agreed with you. I have kept my promises and presented the evidence of my case regarding this being the Great missing stone from the garden tomb.

However you have never once had the decency to acknowledge any of my many emails.

Regardless to you stating to me you would communicate by email.

Mr TV Jack also stated to me you would hear my case.

Is this how you normally treat your brothers in Christ?

I pray you will receive this wonderful news the lord has now revealed to the world with joyful hearts.

In the name of Jesus.

Simon Brown

From: richard meryon
Sent: 26 February 2011 12:22
To: ''
Cc: 2 Victor JACK(GTA)
Subject: Your rolling stone


I am rather hurt by the tone of your e-mail as I have not received anything from you by e-mail.   I have just done another search and cannot find any trace of receiving your thesis.  

I await the evidence and will give it a good read.   Please send it to me; I will acknowledge its receipt, and will then let you know of the ministry’s response.

Yours faithfully
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Richard Meryon

From: Simon Brown []
Sent: 26 February 2011 16:50
Subject: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Richard I don't mean to hurt you in any way. However I did what I said I would do which is to send you all the very hard work I have done. By presenting my case. And when I hear nothing I get hurt also.

Lets continue to be brothers in Christ and move on.

All I ask now is you hear my case so I can then go forward. Here is the link which has much of the facts.

I do have far more evidence which I would be willing to talk to you about at a later date.

In Jesus name

Simon Brown

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Meryon (TT) <>
To: 'Simon Brown' <>
Cc: 2 Victor JACK(GTA) <>
Sent: Sat, Feb 26, 2011 3:43 pm
Subject: RE: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Simon

Thank you. Now that I have access to your hyper-link, I will spend some time studying it.

I will also raise the subject at our next trustees’ meeting and let you know if the trustees want to pursue your offer.

For the Glory of God
Richard Meryon

From: Simon Brown []
Sent: 01 March 2011 17:17
Subject: Re: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Richard I have now made a 40 minute film presenting all the evidence of the Great Stone.

Would you like me to send you and Jack a copy?

Simon Brown

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Meryon (TT) <>
To: 'Simon Brown' <>
CC: victor.jack <>
Sent: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 16:10
Subject: RE: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Simon

Please feel free to do so:

The Garden Tomb
PO Box 19462
Jerusalem 91193

Victor and I will view it next time he is here.

Most sincerely
Richard Meryon

-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Brown <>
Sent: Thu, Mar 10, 2011 12:57 pm
Subject: Re: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb.

Dear Richard I hope your well.

Richard do you have any dispute with my claim regarding the evidence I have sent you so far please?

Simon Brown

From: Simon Brown []

Sent: 15 March 2011 12:07
Subject: Fwd: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb. just incase you haven't received this

Dear Richard I am just sending you this email again below as I have not received a reply so just incase you haven't received this here it is again

Blessings In the name of Jesus Christ

Simon Brown

From: richard meryon
Sent: 16 March 2011 21:19
To: Simon Brown
Cc: 2 Victor JACK(GTA)
Subject: RE: The Missing Rolling Stone For The Garden Tomb. just incase you haven't received this


1.       I have replied very time – have you checked your spam filter?
2.       Please do not continue to saturate me; I have told you that you will hear from the GT Chairman when he has canvassed the trustees’ opinions.   And you will.

For God’s Glory
Richard Meryon

OK Richard THANKS.
S Brown

Last and final email from Victor Jack, Chairman of the Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association.

Dear Simon,
A possible Stone

While you have in the main been corresponding with our Director in Jerusalem, both he and you have kept me fully advised of your enquiry, of your research and of your offer.   Thank you.

Many people approach the Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association with a broad variety of requests and suggestions.   Everyone is well-meaning, often genuinely sincere, but not all are in harmony with our own ministry’s purpose.   I have been closely involved with the Garden for over 20 years so I am well versed with all these contacts.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the GT(J)A I presented both your report and the video clip to the whole Board at our trustees’ meeting in London, on Tuesday 15th March 2011.  I regret to inform you that the Board did not believe that what you have offered enhances the ministry of the Garden.  Furthermore, if you raised all the funds and the necessary permissions to re-locate the stone from Mount Nebo to East Jerusalem, the Board will still not accept your offer.

Our Trustees have also asked me to tell you that we are deeply concerned that you have broken two long-standing rules of the Garden Tomb, which is a private Garden, in that you not only took video in the Garden without our permission, you also took away material (the rock that you are seen to pick up from outside the tomb) without are permission.

The Board is also very concerned by your reference, without our being able to verify what you say, to communication with staff of the GT(J)A in your publicity.   I therefore ask you to remove all reference to any communication with the GT(J)A, either positively or negatively, in any publicity.

To avoid any future disagreements that might embarrass either or both parties, let us agree that the GT(J)A neither confirms or denies its position with regard to the Mount Nebo stone.   We also ask you not to allow any of your filmed footage in the Garden Tomb to appear in the public domain.

Our response may disappoint you, but we have a responsibility to uphold the ministry with which we have been entrusted.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Jack

Chairman of the Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Assoication
PO Box 19462
Jerusalem, 91193

Simon Brown to victor.jack, richard, bstreather - 18 Mar 2011

Dear Victor Jack Thank you for your kind email.

May The Lord God Bless you.

In The Name Of Jesus

Simon Brown

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. Luke 12:2. New International Version (©1984)

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