Jesus Has Risen

The chemical analysis of the soil in the tomb in the garden proved that there was no evidence that a body had decayed in the tomb agreeing with the resurrection of Jesus. Matthew 28:1

Jesus also appeared many times after his death and resurrection. And it is believed that Jesus was seen by about five hundred people after his resurrection. Which was eye witness testimony.

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There is also evidence that we can look at today, nearly 2000 years later to see that Jesus was not only crucified, but after three days he indeed was raised to life. The Shroud of Turin is now said by many scientist to be  impossible to make. Because new evidence has proved, 1 carbon dating on the Shroud was wrong. 2, it is a 3 D image of Jesus on a single piece of cloth. The 3 D image of Jesus on the cloth can only be created one way, by the supernatural power of Jesus being raised and travelling through the cloth. This can only prove one thing,

                                                      Jesus was raised from the dead.

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