What was the diameter of the Great Stone?

If we look at the stone after it was rolled down the channel, sealing the entrance to the tomb of Jesus, by Joseph of Arimathaea,  We see that the large stopper on the right is nowhere near the stone.

This is for not stopping the stone from rolling past the entrance to the tomb.

This is for not stopping the stone from rolling past the entrance to the tomb. We can clearly see that this large stopper does not stop the stone at the right place. Yet, the large stopper is clearly marked.

Large stopper at the Garden Tomb

However there are some very old photos of the garden tomb taken between 1898 and 1946, just after the tomb was discovered.

Garden Tomb

There is wonderful evidence in this old photo that reveals to us where the Great Stone stopped. As there is a small stopper still sitting in the channel.

Sadly this original stopper is no longer there.

If we look at them, we can find something quite interesting. There appears to be an additional stone in the channel acting as a stopper. And you can also see that the stopper is at an angle. This would suggest that the stopper in this channel, in these old photos, was indeed used to stop the stone from rolling forward.

And we can see that the stone is much closer than the larger stone to the right.

This original stopper reveals some new evidence. By its position, we can establish the diameter of the stone that was there in this tomb.

Let's now put the Great Stone from Mount Nebo on a photo of the garden tomb.

Garden Tomb and Great Stone

The stone fits perfectly. And the stone proves that this stopper has been at its original place since it was laid there by Joseph of Arimathaea.

Here is the original stopper in the garden tomb


Now we have good evidence of what the size of the stone is. WHERE IS THIS STONE?